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5 ready-made foods low in FODMAPs

5 ready-made foods low in FODMAPs

by FoodMaestro | 19 May 2016

By: Hannah Hunter, a HCPC registered dietitian trained in FODMAPs at King's College London

One of the most challenging parts of following the low FODMAP diet is the lack of pre-prepared foods.

Onion and garlic are common ingredients in many products making them unsuitable whilst in the restriction phase (stage 1). In an ideal world we would all cook our meals from fresh ingredients, but this is not always convenient or possible. The occasional ready made food can still form part of a healthy balanced diet and there are a few available options. However searching though supermarkets and reading ingredients list is time-consuming.  This is where the FODMAP by FM app comes in very useful, as its database of over 100,000 products allows you to quickly and easily search for safe foods.

In this post we show you some suitable products we have found and some different ways of searching for them. The hunt for ready meals is on!

1. Search by category: ready meals

To start a search, press “Select category” and choose “Ready Meals”.

Select “All Ready Meals” then press go and FoodMaestro will give you a list of low FODMAP products from this supermarket category.

It does return a large amount of products ranging from marinated meats and fish to jacket potatoes and side vegetables. 

One of the hidden gems is this gluten free quiche lorraine from No.G. Remember to always double check ingredients lists to ensure products are suitable. This quiche does contain milk but it is unlikely to be more than 50ml per serving. 

2. Search by category: frozen meals

In supermarkets ready made meals can also be found in the frozen section. Instead choose the “Frozen Meals” category then select “All Frozen Meals”.

One of the first results is Amy’s Kitchen Gluten and Dairy Free Rice Mac and Cheeze.

This product contains pea protein but this is considered to be low FODMAP as it contains very little carbohydrate. You will again see that searching in this category brings up a large number of products. 

3. Search within a category: pizza

Wondering if there is a pizza suitable for the low FODMAP diet?

It is easy to refine your search within the Frozen Meals category. Simply type “pizza” into the search bar and you will have the answer!

This gluten free pizza from Asda does not contain any onion or garlic in the tomato sauce and is therefore low in FODMAPs. Enjoy (in moderation!)

4. Search by category: soup

Finding a soup without onion or garlic is usually very tricky. If you select “All soups” in the soup category you will now see a list of suitable soups. You need to read the moderation warnings carefully in this category as some do contain more than the recommended servings of certain vegetables such as peas.

A suitable option is Tesco Finest Italian Plum Tomato & Mascarpone Soup. Whilst this does contain a small amount cheese (milk), the amount per portion is an acceptable amount on the low FODMAP diet. 

5. Search by keyword: miso soup

Perhaps it is a particular product you are after, such as miso soup? Rather than selecting a category, you can type in “Miso soup” into the search bar in the middle of the page and FoodMaestro will reveal a list of suitable miso soups such as the one below.

Although this product contains wheat, as it is only a small amount it is considered suitable for a low FODMAP diet. Miso paste has been tested by Monash University and found to be low in FODMAPs. 

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