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App review by mother of a child with milk anaphylaxis and egg allergy

App review by mother of a child with milk anaphylaxis and egg allergy

by FoodMaestro | 23 July 2015

Blog post by: Rachel M, Mother of a child with milk anaphylaxis and egg allergy.

My son is allergic to milk and eggs, and probably nuts...just waiting for the blood test results to confirm for nuts. He had a sudden, sever reaction the first time I gave him a sip of baby-formula when he was just 4 months old and we ended up going to A&E in an ambulance. We've always had to give him a special dairy free diet, in fact we have a dairy free house now to make it easier to keep him safe.

Finding new things for him to eat has always been difficult. I must have wondered a hundred times, when I've been spending hour after hour reading through pages and pages of ingredients on the different supermarket websites, why none of them had a filter of some sort that could let me block them from showing me all the products with milk in altogether....I don't want to see them!

I was so excited when I heard about FoodMaestro because it was just what I'd been wanting. It's simple and easy to use and within a few minutes I'd set up a profile for my son with all his allergies listed. I used it straight away to search for some new things for my son to try - I loved it. A few clicks and I was presented with a long list of groceries and none of them had the things he couldn't eat. My own virtual supermarket shelves just for him, tailored to his specific needs.

I picked a few things from the list and then, cut-and-paste,...found them on Ocado's website and ordered them. It saved me literally hours and I found things that I probably would never have even thought to check, like cereal bars...thought they all had milk or nuts in...not so!