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Breads low in FODMAPs

Breads low in FODMAPs

by FoodMaestro | 4 November 2016

Breads low in FODMAPs 

…and five ways to search for them using FODMAP by FoodMaestro app 

By: Hannah Hunter, a HCPC registered dietitian trained in FODMAPs at King's College London

For many of us bread is a staple of our everyday diets, either as sandwiches, rolls, wraps, burgers, pizza or a simple slice of toast. The majority of wheat based bread products are high in FODMAPs and avoiding bread can be one of the hardest parts of following the diet.

There is now an abundance of wheat and gluten free breads available, however these are not always low FODMAP as they often contain unsuitable ingredients such as fruit or inulin. FoodMaestro makes deciphering long ingredients lists simpler by checking them for you and showing only suitable products. We have listed some different types of breads and shown you how to search.  

1. Sourdough spelt bread - Search using “look-up tables”

A good place to start when searching for foods is the look-up tables. Foods are split into common categories, allowing you to see the restrictions for various ingredients and products. The look-up table for bread shows that wheat, rye and barley based breads are unsuitable but breads made from many other flours are. Additionally, spelt bread made using traditional long fermentation (so no added yeast) is suitable.


2. Sliced gluten free bread - Search using keywords

An easy way to search for some bread products is to type “bread” into the main search bar on the home page and press Go. A range of different products will now be shown, such as Asda Chosen by You Free From Medium White Sliced Bread. This search will show any products will the word bread in the title, so will also items such as breadcrumbs and breadfruit. It will also not include suitable products that do not use the word bread. By using the search term “loaf”, you will also find different suitable products. 


3. Bread rolls - Search using categories

If you are seeking specific bread products, such as rolls, the categories come in very useful. Press “select category” under the search bar and choose “bread” followed by the specific category you are seeking. We selected “soft white rolls” and found Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Soft White Rolls


4. Bread mix - Search using keywords

Making your own bread is a great idea when following the low FODMAP diet. Just like wheat-based bread, gluten free bread tastes best when it is freshly baked. If you are new to bread-making, ready-made bread mixes are a good place to start. By typing “bread mix” into the main search bar, you will find a variety of suitable options, such as Bakels Gluten Free Multiseed Bread Mix


5. Brown bread - Search using “low FODMAP lists”

Another way to search for suitable breads is using the ready-made lists compiled by dietitians. Access these handy lists from the top left menu in the app and choosing “low FODMAP lists”. In the bread list, you will find suitable options such as Genius Gluten Free Little Brown Loaf


Feeling adventurous ?

Why not try making your own sourdough spelt bread? It takes a bit of time and effort, but is well worth it.

Check out Hannah’s recipe in her blog here - Sourdough Spelt Bread