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Conjuring up the Shopping with the Food Maestro App

Conjuring up the Shopping with the Food Maestro App

by FoodMaestro | 9 February 2016

Verily Victoria Vocalises reviews the FoodMaestro App

One of the things that I find tricky when I do the food shopping is how to cater for every one in our family. Yes, there is only the 3 of us but we all have different tastes when it comes to eating.

For example, even though I am not a coeliac, I have lessened my gluten and wheat intake because I find it affects my stomach and makes me feel uncomfortable. Ross has specific requirements when it comes to his eating as he had ulcerative colitis when he was younger and has no large intestine. As for Grace, we are trying to ensure that she is eating more healthily and have less of a sugar intake.

FoodMaestro is the latest food app on the market and it has been developed in conjunction with Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital Trust and what I really love about it is all the different options you have in order to manage food-related issues as well as make sure you select the right products for your family.


This enables you to set up a number of different profiles for each member of the family meaning you can keep tabs on who is OK with which food. You can select from particular allergens, specific ingredients or custom-filters such as dairy-free or vegan.

Searching for food products

This section allows you to search for specific food products by name or category, finding the ones that are suitable for your family. The result of your searches – specific to your needs – will then show you a number of products that are suitable. A smiley face next to the item shows that it should be OK for you. The clever thing here is that you can then filter the search results to find products for individual profiles, the item’s sugar content (measured in teaspoons) and anything new that has been listed.

When you view the product on an individual basis, it gives you all the nutritional content and any notes that the dieticians might have made. On top of that, it also has a smiley face for the people it is suitable for and a sad one for the people it is not. You can also add comments, share with others, add to the shopping list and add to your favourites from here.

I think my favourite search has to be the ready-made product lists that have already been compiled by dieticians. To me, this saves an awful lot of time and means that when I am really busy I have a quick fix.

Once you have searched for and found all the items you need, you can then create dedicated shopping lists by using the products you have selected. On top of this, you can also scan items in order to add them to your list or you can pick from anything that you have favourited.

I have used the app a handful of times so far and I have to say that it has certainly made my shopping trips much easier as well as saving on time. I find that I am no longer ambling around the shop wondering what to get when Food Maestro has already conjured up a list for me. I regularly delete apps which I am not using but I can see this one being there to stay for the long haul! 

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