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Creating Free From Shopping Lists

Creating Free From Shopping Lists

by FoodMaestro | 15 August 2016

I have always created free from food shopping lists on my website for my readers, they're always free from dairy but since discovering that my son has multiple food allergies and so do my readers, I now create food shopping lists that are free from dairy, soya, wheat and gluten.

If the foods I find are also free from other foods like eggs, fish, nuts then I will point these out. At Christmas last year I was having my family over for a buffet and my brother is anaphylactic to almonds so between us all we needed foods free from dairy, soya, wheat, gluten, oats, peas, all nuts and coconut - no easy task of course but having the free FoodMaestro app definitely helped.  As soon as I'd confirmed the family gathering, the panic set in - how will I cater for everyone? I'm used to catering for my son and I but adding in the whole nut and coconut free foods was new to me.

I picked up my phone and started searching on the app...

 FoodMaestro free from shopping list

Obviously needing to avoid so many food groups I knew I wasn't going to find lots of suitable foods but what's awesome is that you can select to avoid searching for may contains or not. My brother had an anaphylactic reaction to a food labeled as may contain nuts so I knew I needed to be careful. I actually made a potato salad and brought free from cakes, meringues and topped them with fresh strawberries in the end and everyone enjoyed the food but best of all no one had an allergic reaction. 

I'm so grateful for the FoodMaestro app, being able to search for suitable foods on my phone has made my life that bit easier. The readymade searches are also great especially if you are new to say being dairy free and want to look for alternative milks...

It's also great if you struggle to read tiny food labels in supermarket, just scan the barcode from the app and then you can zoom in on the ingredients - perfect!