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Five breakfasts low in FODMAPs

Five breakfasts low in FODMAPs

by FoodMaestro | 7 June 2016

By: Hannah Hunter, a HCPC registered dietitian trained in FODMAPs at King's College London 

Breakfast is often quoted as most important meal of the day, yet many typical offerings contain high FODMAP ingredients, such as wheat, milk or unsuitable fruit. Although no one meal is really more important than any other, kick-starting the day with a nutritious breakfast helps to keep hunger at bay later on and is thought to improve concentration and mood.

So what can you eat for breakfast on the low FODMAP diet? There are actually many suitable food products available to buy if you know what to look for. FODMAP by FM makes this process easier by only showing you products low in FODMAPs. There are different ways of searching for suitable options and we have highlighted five of our favourite finds using the app.

1. Corn or rice based breakfast cereals

Search using “Low FODMAP Lists”  

Breakfast cereals are a common choice in many households, but many options are wheat based. Supermarkets often stock gluten free cereals, but these are not always low FODMAP as they can contain ingredients such as inulin or dried fruit. Another downside of gluten free cereals is that they are often more expensive. Fortunately most rice and corn based breakfast cereals are suitable and it is easy to search by selecting “Low FODMAP Lists” from the top left menu and choosing the “Breakfast Cereals” list. One budget find is Morrisons Savers Corn Flakes. 

2. Porridge Oats

Search using keyword

Regular oats are suitable for the low FODMAP diet and remember that these do not need to be gluten free. Oats are a great source of fibre as well as being low glycaemic index, meaning that they produce a slower rise in blood sugar levels. This in turn keeps you feeling fuller for longer and helps maintain energy levels. The easiest way to search for products is to type “oats” into the main search bar and many products will appear. We like jumbo oats, such as these by Quaker.

3. Lactose free yoghurt with fruit and nuts/ seeds.

Search using look-up tables

Lactose free yoghurt is a great way to get one of your portions of calcium rich foods whilst avoiding FODMAPs. Whilst specific fruits and nuts are high in FODMAPs, many are low and some contain moderate amounts so portion sizes need to be restricted. The “look up tables” in the Stage 1 section of the app are a useful reminder of which fruits and nuts are suitable. Remember that your total intake of fruit should not exceed 80g (or 13g if dried) at any one sitting. 

4. Eggs on wheat free toast

Search using categories

Fresh eggs are low in FODMAPS and can be served in a variety of ways- poached, scrambled, omelette or boiled. Finding a suitable bread is easy using category searches by selecting “bread” then your favourite type, for instance “brown bread”. Our preferred breads are the bread mixes, such as the Brown Bread Mix by Delicious Alchemy, as we find freshly cooked gluten free breads much nicer.

5. Bacon on sourdough spelt bread

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Fortunately bacon is low FODMAP, as a bacon sandwich can be a well-deserved indulgence or weekend treat. Bacon is particularly tasty on sourdough spelt bread, another great low FODMAP option. However a bacon sandwich is just not the same without a splash of tomato ketchup. Some ketchup brands do contain onion and garlic but Asda’s version is suitable. We found this by typing “ketchup” into the main search bar. 


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