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FODMAP by FM - NEW app updates

FODMAP by FM - NEW app updates

by FoodMaestro | 8 September 2016

FODMAP by FM – New app updates September 2016

We have made some amazing improvements to some of your favourite features and built in new enhancements to make it easier for you to follow the low FODMAP diet. 

Here’s a quick overview of the changes we’ve made to the latest release:

NEW: Quick Food Checker

  • Check which foods are suitable and recommended portion sizes
  • There are new and improved practical tips for each category  
  • We’ve made it easy to access from any page using the icon at the top

FODMAP food checker

NEW: Homepage carousel

  • The carousel in the app will now be used to share recipes, blogs and practice guidance from expert writers
  • Notifications of tips provided by the Kings College team for seasonal events


NEW: Challenges

  • Daily reminder notifications will be provided for you to complete any 3 day challenges you start
  • We’ve also improved quantity guidance and clear labelling once you’ve completed the challenge

 FODMAP food challenges

NEW: Settings

  • The new settings feature gives you the ability to move easily thru the different stages e.g. you may already be following the diet and completed your challenges, you can now move directly to stage 3
  • We’ve added a new ON/OFF switch giving you the option to view all products (including un-suitable) or just suitable products.

FODMAP app settings

UPDATE: Favourite’s & Shopping list

  • Your Favourites list will now be monitored for ingredient changes and suitability
  • Your Shopping lists will now be monitored for ingredient changes and suitability

 FODMAP shopping list

NEW: Opt-in

  • New opt out if you do not want anonymised medical data shared for research purposes

 Tablet users

  •   Android tablet users will find we’ve done work to key screens to make the app more tablet friendly

And lastly we’ve also improved font sizes for readability.

Please do update to the latest version to make the most of FODMAP by FM app and we would appreciate if you would kindly consider taking a few minutes to review our app on the app stores.  

For more information: FODMAP by FM app