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FODMAP Stage 1 - Restriction

FODMAP Stage 1 - Restriction

by FoodMaestro | 15 September 2016

FODMAP by FM app - Stage 1 Restriction 

What is stage 1?

In Stage 1 of the low FODMAP diet, try to restrict foods containing FODMAPs for 4-8 weeks as strictly as possible in order to improve your bowel symptoms. This is usually long enough to determine if your symptoms will respond to a low FODMAP diet. FODMAP restriction should not continue indefinitely.

How to use the app

The aim of this app is to support you in shopping for suitable foods, during each stage. In stage 1 the app will automatically exclude foods with high FODMAP ingredients. The search results will only show you suitable products and some products give guidance on portion limits. For a quick reference you can also use our Quick Food Checker  and handy ready made lists.

Video guide

For more information please refer to full guide which you can access in the app.

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