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FODMAP Stage 2 - Reintroduction

FODMAP Stage 2 - Reintroduction

by FoodMaestro | 15 September 2016

FODMAP by FM app - Stage 2 Reintroduction

What is stage 2?

It is important to undergo FODMAP reintroduction to:

  • Identify which FODMAPs you are most sensitive to (as not everyone reacts the same way)
  • Identify how much of a high FODMAP food triggers your symptoms
  • A Dietitian will be able to advise you when to start reintroducing FODMAPs.
How to use the app

To start, restrict all FODMAPs for at least 3 days so you have no bowel symptoms, or only mild symptoms. This will ensure that when you start a food challenge you know that any symptoms are due to the new food. Each food challenge lasts for 3 days. On each day you will be recommended to eat the suggested food in a specific portion size. At the start and during each challenge you will be asked to record your bowel symptoms on the app. If you do not have symptoms, or only have mild symptoms, you will be advised to move on to the next day of the food challenge.  Do not start including successful challenge foods into your diet until you have finished the FODMAP reintroduction stage.

Video Guide


For more information please refer to full guide which you can access in the app

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