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FODMAP - tips for those already on a low FODMAP diet

FODMAP - tips for those already on a low FODMAP diet

by FoodMaestro | 15 April 2016

FODMAP Tips - Selecting the right stage to get started. 

Already on a Low FODMAP Diet ?

You may wish to skip Stage 1 (Restriction) and move directly onto stage 3 (Personalisation) if you already follow a low FODMAP diet.

If you want to skip Stage 1 and move directly to Stage 2 and 3 then there are two ways of doing this:

1. When you download the app for the first time you are asked to record your current symptoms. If you tap on the text you can skip Stage 1.

2. At any time while in Stage 1 you can select the Stage 3 icon and move directly to Stage 3. A warning message will appear which you can over-ride by selecting Yes.

Starting at Stage 3 

If you do opt to skip Stage 1 and go straight to Stage 3, please note: 

1. You can personalise your filters. They are automatically set to exclude all high FODMAP foods. For any product containing that FODMAP as an ingredient a warning notice will be displayed that no challenge has been completed.

2. If a filter is enabled for a food challenge that you have failed – then for each product containing that ingredient the red icon will be displayed.

3. If you pass a food challenge but do not enable the filter – then that ingredient continues to be excluded from the search until you enable the filter.


How to RESET 

At any time you can go back to Stage 1 by selecting RESET to Stage 1 from the 'Edit Profile' screen.

FODMAP settings

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