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Food for thought: Grains – Kamut

Food for thought: Grains – Kamut

by FoodMaestro | 10 February 2016

Our food for thought series starts with grains, we will be looking at many different grains from around the world: Kamut, Millet, Quinoa, Faro, Spelt and Bulgar Wheat.

Whether you are looking for new ideas and recipes due to food allergy, food intolerance or just something new, we hope this series will provide a wonderful journey of discovery!

What is Kamut?

Kamut is an unrefined ancient wheat which originally comes from the area of Egypt and even the name “Kamut” originated from the Egyptian word for “wheat”.  It has a nutty, delicate flavour and a supple texture. The kernels are measured to be two to three times the size of most other wheat. The grains are plump and light tan in colour while the flour is more golden than typical wheat. Kamut can be used in salads, casseroles, ground meat or instead of rice. Kamut grains can even be used to make healthy snacks or even candy.

Why choose Kamut?

Kamut is a high protein grain and a rich source of numerous essential nutrients, for example protein, dietary fibre, B vitamins and dietary minerals.  If you compare Kamut to regular wheat you can see small differences in the nutrition values. Kamut contains 14.9g of protein/100g, while conventional wheat contains 12.6g. Kamut actually contains more fat than wheat, 2.2g against 1.5g. Kamut is a better source of iron with 4.41mg (vs 3.2mg). However, the wheat you've grown up with contains more dietary fibre, 12.2g vs 9.1g in Kamut.

Allergic or a Special diet, can I eat it?

Kamut is a form of wheat! Kamut grains do contain gluten so they are not suitable for people with coeliac disorder or a wheat allergy. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, Kamut provides a good option for a high protein meal.

Where to source?

You can actually find Kamut in almost any supermarket. It´s not that rare anymore and has reached further than specialty health stores. Use the FoodMaestro app to discover new products. 

Try something new!

If you´re tired of rice, pasta and potatoes, then here are some recipes; The Buttermilk Kamut Waffles are our favourite.