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FoodMaestro wins Axa PPP Health Tech & You award

FoodMaestro wins Axa PPP Health Tech & You award

by FoodMaestro | 25 April 2016

Category: Health and Care award aiming to highlight the consumer health tech solution that has had a positive impact for healthcare providers 

Our intelligent food search platform scooped in the Health and Care Award at the second AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards.  The healthcare portal and consumer app was recognised for its help in managing food conditions.

“We are delighted that FoodMaestro has been recognised so soon after its launch as a valuable addition to the new wave of tools helping health care providers and individuals take charge of their health.  We’ve combined our skills and expertise to produce a powerful service that offers transparency and enhances food product options when shopping.  The FoodMaestro app puts you in control of searching, scanning and discovering safe foods for you and your family with our allergen, ingredient and wellness filters.” says Dharmendra Patel, co-Founder of FoodMaestro.

FoodMaestro allows users to set up multiple profiles containing different dietary requirements (there are over 200 ingredient filters) and this data is used to check food suitability when shopping. Upon scanning the barcode or simply performing a product search, the app presents a sad or smiley face, which indicates if foods are safe and can be added to personalised shopping lists.

Dr Lauri-Ann Van der Poel, Paediatrician and Allergist at the Children’s Allergy Service at St Thomas’ Hospital, comments: “The FoodMaestro app is also a unique, time-saving resource for healthcare professionals to access a centralised source of UK food products to effortlessly create and manage diet sheets for sharing with patients and other dietitians across primary care, community care and hospital care. Free for all healthcare professionals working in the NHS, the FoodMaestro app is also being used by private allergy specialists and dieticians, nutritionists and dentists.”

Dharmendra adds, “Food allergies in the UK are still on the increase, up by over 500% since 1990, so we all probably know someone who has to agonise over food labels to remain symptom-free, which makes grocery shopping a painstaking task.  Coming at the beginning of Allergy Awareness Week, we hope our success will bring this new app to the attention of those who’ll benefit from using it.”