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Get your sweet fix without the sugar!

Get your sweet fix without the sugar!

by FoodMaestro | 7 July 2016

Foodmaestro have joined forces with Sugarwise to make it easy for you to understand and find products low in free sugars. 

Free sugars are the sugars that you need to worry about, foods high in free sugar are typically digested faster and lead to more frequent feelings of hunger. "Vinicius Ferreira, Cambridge (Caltech) University Scientist.

But cutting down your free sugar intake isn't easy, it can sometimes be hard to find products that are low in free sugars. This is where the app comes in. 

The new addition to the app allows you to:
• Take control and choose which sugars and sweeteners to include or avoid in your diet
• Find and source a huge range of low sugar foods
• Find great alternatives to your favourite sugary foods
• Follow the diet you want to without the hassle
• Scan any product to easily understand its sugar content.

Set your Sugarwise filter 


The app makes it easy to follow your dietary preferences by helping you to find loads of Sugarwise applicable products at your fingertips and where to get them. Helping you to find a wide range of options low in free sugars. So you can get your sweet fix without the sugar.

The food maestro app now helps you to find great low free sugar products that comply with the WHO sugar guidelines, helping you by making it easy for you to keep your sugar intake down.


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