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Top 10 Free-From products by The Intolerant Gourmand

Top 10 Free-From products by The Intolerant Gourmand

by FoodMaestro | 28 September 2016

Nathalie Dyson-Coope shares her go to Free-From Products

When dealing with allergies, it’s often a steep learning curve. One of the biggest challenges faced, is figuring out what you can and more importantly can’t use when cooking.

Trying to create delicious, healthy and appealing free-from food becomes a little more difficult. It becomes a bit like a science experiment, as you need to work out what will create the same effect as ‘normal’ ingredients, especially if dealing with more than one allergy.

Whilst it’s great that you can with a bit of work and effort, re-create the classic recipes, things are starting to get a bit easier for those of us that are stuck for time. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s a welcomed relief that we can simply grab something out of the cupboard after a long day at work, and not have to worry so much about spending a fair bit of time cooking dinner.

Just a few years ago, the options available within the free-from sections in supermarkets were almost none existent.

Nowadays, the selection is huge, with a whole range of options to choose from. We now have free-from sausages, fish fingers, ice creams and even garlic bread and pizza bases are now available.

Whilst many of us still try to cook as much as possible from scratch to be guaranteed that ingredients are ‘safe’, it’s great to know that you can pick something off the shelf with ease.

Out of all the free-from foods out there, these are my Top 10 go to products/ ingredients that I always make sure are in the house:

1. Bread – Schär ciabatta rolls or Newburn Bakehouse Square wraps (perfect for pizza bases, lasagne sheets and more)

2. Flour – Free From Fairy Plain & Self-Raising (the world’s 1st rice free wholesome flour, so versatile and easy to use, and it doesn’t leave a grainy texture that all the other free from flours on the market do)

3. Milk – Oatly or Koko (it is important to get the calcium and vitamin enriched versions to keep up with optimum nutrition levels)

4. Pasta – supermarket own free-from (versatile, easy to use and work well in all recipes)

5. Porridge Oats – any gf certified versions (great in cakes, for breakfast, to create flapjacks, or for bulking out recipes)

6. Butter – Pure or Vitalite (work as well as dairy equivalents, meaning you can still make roux, bake etc)

7. Cheese – Bute Island (they have such a vast range of cream ‘cheese’, cheddar style, feta style and more. We’ve even made a cheesecake with success!)

8. Chocolate – Booja Booja or Moo Free (even though you need to be free from, there are still some great chocolate options available, and they create seasonal chocolates too)

9. Biscuits – Tesco have a great range of free from biscuits (perfect as a little snack, as a base for cheesecakes, or for creating other recipes too)

10. Egg replacer – Orgran or aquafaba (those elusive recipes calling for egg can be replicated with a bit of tweaking with the introduction of egg replacer, Yorkshire pudding and toad in the hole included!)

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Nathalie Dyson-Coope

The Intolerant Gourmand was set up by Nathalie following the diagnosis of 18 severe allergies, 10 less so severe allergies, severe eczema and asthma in her young son Callum. Nathalie can often be found in the kitchen creating new recipes and testing them out on family and friends. Working as a freelance food writer, recipe developer, consultant and presenter, Nathalie is a well-known figure in the allergy and intolerance world. She is trusted by large brands who work with her to deliver on point recipes that cater for allergies and intolerance's successfully. Nathalie shares a wealth of recipes and information on her website, and offers support and guidance to those who need it most in the allergy world!