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Video: Low FODMAP Homemade cereal

Video: Low FODMAP Homemade cereal

by FoodMaestro | 28 May 2016

A healthy home-made cereal recipe perfect for those following a low FODMAP diet.

Caroline Skirrow show us how quick and easy it is to make.

6 servings


200g oats
50g chopped pecan nuts
50g quinoa flakes
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp oat bran
2 tbsp dried banana chips chopped
1 handful of blueberries


  1.       Mix all the ingredients together accept for the berries.
  2.       Serve a 60g serving with almond, coconut or lactose free milk. Top with berries

Other FODMAP friendly options instead of using oats are millet flakes or corn flakes. You can also add yoghurt or coconut yoghurt, but check the label when buying yoghurt. You can check for more information on FODMAP friendly ingredients and breakfast options with the FODMAP by FM APP.

We also love this breakfast recipe by Fodify: Speedy Bircher Museli  


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