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FoodMaestro was founded with a mission to help consumers answer one simple question, "Can I eat this?". Our award winning platform combines label information with clinical health and wellness data to give it meaning that can be read and understood by all, quickly and easily by scanning a barcode or searching for products.

In partnership with the Kings College and Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, we have delivered powerful mobile apps combined with clincally verified data that allows users to find products they can eat when living with allergies, intolerances and lifestyles.

Our enterprise platform also provides corporations including retailers, manufacturers and other app developers, access to our data and services to integrate defining experiences for their end consumers into their digital channels.

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Consumers - Finding the right food for you

Use your mobile to instantly validate if you can eat the product or discover what you can eat when managing allergies, intolerances or following a specific diet for you or your family.

Award winning platform that finds the right foods for you
Developed in partnership with Kings College, Guy's & St Thomas's NHS Trust, the foodmaestro apps have been clinically validated to ensure advice from a trusted source, empowering you to make informed decisions.

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Retailers - Increasing consumer choice

Maximise your category strategy by making products available to customers effortlessly. Over 64% of valid products do NOT appear on your search results page, because until now, the data was not available. Create a rich and personalised omni-channel experience that instantly gives your customers access to the full range of products suitable to them.

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Unlock the full potential of your data, increase transparency, be found, enable new digital channels and be relevant in every digital conversation about your product.
The Foodmaestro Open Label Platform, enables you to extend your product data including new defined attributes.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can measure the effectiveness of your product across the market or how through our direct feeds to retailers and app developers, can enable your data to be accessed by everyone wanting to have a conversation with the consumer.

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